About Emily

Emily Campbell is a registered dietitian, foodie,  and entrepreneur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Emily's passion for nutrition is providing personalized nutrition services to help others love food and prevent disease. Emily's approach is to help her clients make positive diet changes and stick with them. She encourages her clients to be more aware of their challenges with food and eating to identify their eating triggers and barriers to help them meet their nutrition and wellness goals. 


Nutrition Philosophy


Emily's philosophy has always been everything fits in a healthy diet because this provides clients an opportunity to treat themselves and does not promote "bad or good" foods. That is why she called her practice A Better Bite Nutrition.

Nutrition is more than just eating healthy, it is having a healthy relationship with food and eating a variety of nutritious and delicious foods. Emily feels that foods shouldn’t be labelled as good or bad, and we should be able to recognize, based on our own needs, when foods and how much of a food should be consumed. Everybody and everyone has different goals and needs, and Emily's role as a registered dietitian is to help you achieve what is right for your life.
Masters of Science Foods and Nutrition - ​Brescia University College affiliated with Western University

Bachelor of Science Honors Specialization Foods and Nutrition - 
Brescia University College affiliated with Western University

Bachelor of Arts Sociology of Health and Aging, Psychology Minor - Western University
​​As a registered dietitian, I am a credible, evidence-based and trusted source for your nutritional needs.  My office located at 717 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON.

​With one-on-one nutrition services , we will review your current eating habits and relationship with foods to create a personalized eating plan through nutrition coaching, education and support to meet your nutrition and wellness goals or prevent/manage chronic conditions. My role as a registered dietitian is to help clients develop sustainable and healthy relationships with food. I take an approach with clients to encourage positive diet changes to help them stick to them. I do not develop meal plans for clients, but rather teach you the skills for how to apply healthy eating habits and have a healthier relationship with food. 
Fee schedule

Nutrition for A Better Bite $275
al Assessment (1 hour) plus 2 Follow-Up Appointment (30 minutes each)


As a Registered Dietitian my services may be covered under your extended benefits plan.
​I encourage you to speak directly to your provider.

The full cost of services must be paid for at the first appointment. Individual insurance receipts will be provided as services are rendered.